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Are You Currently a Member of the Board Of Directors?

BOARD RESPONSIBILITIES: The general duties for directors are to enforce the association’s governing documents, collect and preserve the association’s financial resources, insure the association’s assets against loss, and keep the common areas in a state of good repair. To fulfill that responsibility, directors must:

• regularly attend board meetings,
• review material provided in preparation for board meetings,
• review the association’s financial reports, and
• make reasonable inquiry before making decisions.

I the undersigned applicant, under the penalty of perjury, declare that to the best of my knowledge I meet the requirements to submit my application and statement as a candidate for a position on the Board of Directors for the Association stated in my application and as outlined on the nomination form mailed to me.  I am aware that my submission will be published to my association community as submitted, including typos and omissions.  I agree not hold HOA Elect CA, LLC responsible for publishing my information as submitted.  I also understand that my statement is not considered received until acknowledged by a confirmation for HOA Elect CA, LLC and it is my responsibility to follow up on any submissions if I do not receive said confirmation.  I understand that my submission may be revoked by the HOA Elect CA Inspector at any time if it is found to be fraudulent or my qualifications are discovered to be lacking according to my associations governing documents or election rules.   

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